Enter your 2024 Fernet-Branca coin design inspired by “What does the industry mean to you?”


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About Fernet-Branca

Fernet-Branca is a brand for bartenders. We celebrate family, community and creativity, the very core of what the UK hospitality industry is all about. The Fernet-Branca coin is an unwritten code of bartender friendship, a collectable item that connects the different cities of the world that Branca exists, connecting bartenders worldwide.

make your mark on a global community…


Design the 2024 Fernet-Branca Coin,

and show us what the industry means to you.

1st Place Prize:

The winner’s design will be minted into the 2024 Fernet-Branca Coin, limited edition merch and a £250 voucher

Runner-up Prize:

Each of the 4 runners-up receives a £100 voucher, a 2024 coin and limited edition merch

Tips to create your Fernet-Branca Coin

File types: We can work with most file types from pencil sketches to vector artwork. Don’t worry if you are not the world’s greatest artist, an iPhone image of a sketch will suffice.

Keep size in mind: The final coin size is 42mm x 42mm so make sure your design will work well scaled down. Avoid areas with lots of fine detail.

Include a metal outline: Include a metal outline around each section of colour. Every colour has a raised metal border to stop the colours from bleeding with each other during production.

Allow enough space for colour enamel to be infilled: Each section of colour is segmented and bordered by a metal outline. These areas of colour cannot be too small or intricate. We are not able to add colour enamel to very small or thin areas, there has to be a minimum to allow the enamel to flow into the segmented and recessed area.

Colours: Select colours that harmonise with each other. Contrasting colours can often look great together. It’s important to note that you can only use solid colours for your design. Colour gradients are not achievable.

Mandatory Information: Include the year 2024 in your design.

Subject Matter: Avoid anything that could be offensive, political or infringe copyright laws. Your design should be original and not feature any part of anyone else’s work.

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    The Fernet-Branca Coin History

    The first ever Fernet-Branca coin was created in 2013 to consolidate what had long since been a common habit in the bartender community of San Francisco. Bartenders were accustomed to having a shot of Fernet-Branca when they changed shifts, and it became known as the ‘bartender handshake’ whose purpose was to mark the moment in which bartending duty was passed over to a colleague. Being naturally close to the bartender community and people in the know, Fernet-Branca took the chance of taking this ritual further with the creation of a coin to celebrate this precise moment. Since then, the ritual has been extended to bars all over the world, so when a bartender visits another bar and shows a Fernet-Branca coin to a colleague behind the counter, he is offered a free shot of Fernet, unless he is presented with another coin in response and the ‘bartender handshake’ takes place in celebration of their joint membership in the guild. Fernet-Branca coins rapidly came to symbolize bartender community membership. They travelled across oceans and continents to the most remote corners of the world. They not only represented a momentary achievement but an authentic collectible, jealously guarded as a status symbol and a privilege.

    The concept of this tradition goes as far back as World War 1 when a wealthy lieutenant ordered bronze medallions, to help identify his squad. The coin had to be on the squad at all times. To ensure that this rule was followed, they invented a drinking game. A challenger would ask to see the medallion of another member of the squad and if that member couldn’t producer a coin, they were on the hook to buy a round of drinks. Today the Fernet Coin takes the same approach, when you lay down a Fernet Branca coin on the bar, you’re making a statement. It’s like a knock on the door of a members only club.